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Wednesday June 26 2019 

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Athletics Advance To BRBL Finals After Eliminating Spring Lake
Jul 18, 2013, 11:18 pm

The semifinals of the Athletics and Lakers series shifted to Spring Lake on Thursday night. It was a beautiful night in east central Alberta, as all of Spring Lake and Rosalind royalty were out to take in a good ol’ fashioned baseball game. The A’s were looking to close out the Lakers, and send themselves to the Battle River League finals for the fifth year in a row.



Steve Enright took to the mound for the Athletics, trying to eliminate the Lakers in the second round. The veteran pitcher was in fine form, looking like a young Greg Maddux, painting master pieces on the black with his fastball and curveball; even lighting up the radar gun with a high hard one to Eric Zimmer, just to keep the Spring Lake batters honest. Steve was able to induce many roll over ground balls and lazy pop flies through 6 innings, even while being squeezed on a few tight pitches. The seventh inning seemed to get away, as Spring Lake scattered multiple seeing eye singles, but Enright was able to close the door to secure the victory.



The A’s had the bats swinging all the way up and down the order, especially in the late stages of the game. Sheldon Pederson singled home the only run for the first four innings, as the game a tight battle 1-0 until the top of the fifth. Doubles by Nic Ronsko, Mark Gjesdal, Nathan Pederson, and Brayden Benson in the final two innings broke open the flood gates. Benson’s two out hit, and subsequent error by the Spring Lake left fielder, gave Rosalind a bit of a cushion in the 7th inning. Matt Enright tried to roll back the clock to his ‘pre-hamstring injury’ days, taking off like a bullet from first base in his first attempted stolen base of the season. Matt was narrowly out by ten feet, but like manager Harbak pointed out recently, it’s always good to change it up and keep the defence guessing.



Shortstop Adam Enright commented on the game, “It’s nice to finish off a series, and not have to play at game 3 where anything can happen. Overall, it was a well-played game and we pounced on a couple of uncharacteristic errors by Spring Lake. We have one more series to go, and we know it will be a tough test. Hopefully we can keep the bats rolling into the final.”



The Heisler Cardinals also went on to sweep the Killam Braves in the other semifinal, so the championship teams have been set. Much like the Yankees and Red Sox, the rivalry between the Athletics and the Cardinals has reached legendary heights, resulting in exciting and intense games. Many fans this year will recall the 1-0 game that Rosalind beat Heisler in the finals of the Spring Lake tournament, which had many saying it was one of the best live baseball games they had seen in a long time.


Rosalind Out Duels Spring Lake in Game 1
Jul 16, 2013, 11:05 pm

The second round of the Battle River Baseball League play-offs kicked off with Rosalind taking on their neighbouring rivals, the Spring Lake Lakers. This match up dates back to the 1940's, so to say the two contestants are battle tested is an understatement. Spring Lake defeated Coronation in 3 games, while Rosalind swept Amisk in the first round.


The Athletics would send their pitching staff ace, Tyrel Herder to the mound, while Spring Lake could counter with their own number one starter, Lance Zimmer. Tyrel battled through 5 innings, as Spring Lake sprinkled 8 hits and drew 3 walks on their way to 5 runs off Herder. There weren't many hard hit balls off of Herder, but they found holes in the vaunted A's defence; requiring Herder to work out of jams in the 3rd and 5th innings. Dan Enright was summoned with one out in the 5th inning, and although he walked in a run, he shut the door stranding 3 Spring Lake base runners. Ultimately, Spring Lake's plate coverage and discipline kept the pressure on the A's the whole game.


Offensively, the A's got a huge shot in the arm and the scorebook from a 2 run blast from Nic Ronsko. Ronsko barely missed another home run on his next at bat, just getting it off the handle. Recently multiple teammates and fans have raved and commented on the impressive ball player that Ronsko has developed into. Adam Enright continued his hot streak, going 3 for 4 at the plate with an RBI. Steve Enright contributed a single and double in a 2 for 4 performance, with the important go-ahead RBI. Sheldon Pederson went 2 for 2, unfortunately more memorable was his base running mistake, much to the chagrin of teammates and fans. With regards to the over aggressive base running, Pederson added, "My bad. That ones on me. Someone make sure Reg Enright knows it won't happen again, haha. Good thing we won, that's for sure."


Homerun hitter, Nic Ronsko, shared his thoughts on the game, "For anyone who says home field advantage doesn't matter in the BRBL, doesn't know what their talking about.  The fans in Rosalind are great, their support  is what propelled us to victory tonight.  That and my bomb."


In the end, Rosalind held on to win a scrappy affair, 7-5. It was an eventful and exciting game to be put in the history books in the Spring Lake vs. Rosalind chapter. It's a quick turnaround, as game two goes Thursday in Spring Lake at 6:30pm. The A's are still nursing a few key injuries to Clayton Harbak and Ryan Yuha, so the Athletics will be eager to take advantage of the elimination game. Be sure to follow the A's twitter account (@RosalindSports) and RosalindAthletics.com for updates.


A's Continue Dominance at Castor Tournament
Jul 15, 2013, 10:30 am

Rosalind entered the A final of the Castor tournament as the 4 time champions, looking to make it 5 in a row from 2009 to 2013. The A’s were also looking for redemption against Coronation, after falling to the Cardinals in league play during the season, in a game that can only be described as ‘forgettable’. Needless to say, Rosalind brought a bit might more focus and intensity, resulting in an enjoyable ‘A’ final to play with plenty of excitement for the spectators and fans.


For the 2nd time this week, rookie Brayden Benson took the hill for the A’s and threw another absolute gem for the Rosalind squad. The young right hander had 5 strikeouts and didn’t walk a batter, only giving up 4 hits to a solid swinging Coronation squad. Brayden did a great job of pounding the bottom part of the strike zone, inducing 85% ground balls that the A’s infield gobbled up. Benson also made the highlight of the night, with a Robinson Cano style play, flipping the ball straight from his glove on a ball hit weakly up the first base line.


Offensively, Tyrel Herder put a couple of runs on the board, with a bloop over the Castor Widow in right field. Oddly enough, at the plate Sheldon Pederson didn’t look complete over matched, almost boarding on adequate, while going 2 for 2 with 2 RBI’s and a sac fly. Shortstop Adam Enright continued to swing a hot bat, going 2 for 4. Nic Ronsko, feeling under the weather despite not taking in the AC/DC tribute band at the Beaver Dome, crushed the ball by way of a double and a single.


Defensively, Mark Gjesdal looked incredibly comfortable at third base, throwing a bullet to catcher Sheldon Pederson to gun out a runner at home. Mike Hilhorst, making a return to the lineup after a few weeks away, made two solid scoops at first base. First, after Gjesdal was able to double up a runner after snaring a line drive, and another on a bunt up the first base line that Pederson rushed to throw at the feet of Hilhorst. Recent call up, Brad Engel, showed a lot of hustle and speed laying out for a couple foul balls.


Both teams played really well, limiting walks and errors, and playing tremendous defence. Rosalind held a 3-2 lead going into the 5th inning, after Benson was able to pitch out of the rare jams he found himself in, shutting down the rally the Cardinals had going in the first and fifth innings. The A’s went on the win 6-2, and improve to 20-3 on the year.


Manager for the weekend, Clayton Harbak, had this to say about his squad and his managerial debut, “It's hard to bench players when you only have a roster of 9 for the weekend.  Card shark, Nic Ronsko, and his wild six beer night and late night antics should ahve kept him out of the line up.” Harbak was resting a recent quad injury, hoping to be able to make a return sometime during the second round of BRBL playoffs.


The A’s are back in action on Tuesday in Rosalind to kick off game one of the semifinals versus Spring Lake. Note the early start time of 6:30pm!


Rosalind vs. Heisler at Castor Tournament
Jul 15, 2013, 10:30 am

Rosalind - 4

Heisler - 0


Story and stats to follow

Rosalind vs. Killam at Castor Tournament
Jul 15, 2013, 10:29 am

Rosalind - 11

Killam - 0

5 innings


Story to follow

Rosalind Sweeps Amisk In Tough Game Two
Jul 10, 2013, 12:34 pm

Game two of the Battle River Baseball League playoffs took the Athletics of Rosalind out to the picturesque ball park of Shornecliff Lake to take on the Amisk Astros. After scoring 15 runs in the first two innings of game one, the Astros were able to shut down the A’s offence, so game 2 had the makings of being a tight ball game.


Young rookie, Brayden Benson, took the mound in an effort to sweep the Astros. Benson has pitched very well for the A’s this season, sporting a 3.05 ERA over his 23 innings pitched this year. Utilizing his change-up and slider, Benson kept the eager-to-swing Astros at Bay, only giving up 3 hits and walking 3 in his complete game shutout. His composure, tenacity and truculence, not only would have made Don Cherry proud, but also allowed Brayden to pitch his way out of a few rare jams that had Amisk threating to score in a tight ball game.


The game remained up for grabs, at 2-0 for Rosalind, up until the top of the 7th, when the A’s offence took control and put the game out of reach. However, in the 5th inning, the Astros had the bases loaded and the heart of their order at the plate. A running catch by Tyrel Herder, and a tough pick up for Nic Ronsko at first, allowed Rosalind to escape the inning with the lead. Ronsko has proven to be quite adept at the move to first base; most importantly keeping Adam Enright’s errorless streak at shortstop in tack, with an impressive jumping swipe tag.


Offensively, Clayton Harbak continues to prove why he’s Mr. July. Not because of he’s the cover photo for the upcoming “Rosalind A’s: Boys of Summer” calendar for July 2014. That honor (and the other 11 months) belongs to Nic Ronsko. Clayton is considered Mr. July, more importantly, because he is a legit clutch play-off performer; in the same realm as Derek Jeter in October. Not only is Harb a threat at the plate, but also a force to be reckoned with on the base paths. Turning singles into doubles, taking third when the ball is hit in front of him, and even scoring on a swinging bunt. This 110%, Brett Lawire-like effort, can come at a cost though. As Harbak, might have to be put on the 7 day DL, suffering from some hamstring tightness after sprinting home on the first run of the 7th inning.


When asked about the game and how long he might be out, Harbak had this to say ”Aggression on the base paths has always been a big part of my game, and the gamble paid off.  Applying pressure on the defence is always a good thing.  These long road trips are always good at building team chemistry.  Its good to see the team rolling as we go on our playoff push.”  As for this weekend, "the hamstring is still pretty sore this moring.  I've been making sure to ice it, but it doesn't look good for Castor."  Which is too bad, always look forward to Harb going oppo, over the spider web in right field.


Rosalind moves on to the second round, where they will play the winner of the Spring Lake-Coronation series. The Lakers were able to tie the series at 1-1 with a 8-4 win on Tuesday. The first game of the series will be on Tuesday, July 16th in Rosalind at 6:30PM. Note the time change, as the semi-finals and finals start at 6:30PM.


Athletics Send Astros Into Orbit
Jul 5, 2013, 12:19 pm

The Battle River League playoffs got kicked off on Thursday night, with the #1 seed Rosalind Athletics taking on the #8 seed Amisk Astros.  The Astros and A's only met one time during the regular season, with Rosalind securing a 12-2 win.  Rosalind entered the game on a bit of a roll, winning their last 6 games and 9 of their last 10.


First and foremost, the A's got a huge boost even before the game started, with a surprise visit by long time A's player and absolute beauty, Geordy Millar!  Geordy recently announced that he'd moving to Peace River to take on a new job opportunity, so it was awesome to see the big guy for the first time in 2013.  For those who don't know Geordy, you are missing out, but he is the A's resident funny man, heart and soul player and a first baseman that can scoop any of the junk our infield put in his feet.  He's also the legendary A's player that coined the phrase, "A's are forever!, ...[additional part censored, but it involves a hat]".


To the game! Amisk was able to get on the board early, scoring on run on A's pitching staff ace, Tyrel Herder.  A double and seeing-eye single had the A's down by one going into the bottom of the first.  It didn't get any prettier, after Steve Enright literally fell down while on base, resulting in the easiest pick off ever.  Sheldon Pederson is probably the only A's player that could have made it look effortlessly worse.  Enright noted that he was surprised not to face a barage of chirping on his return to the dugout, but given the situation, the A's obviously had their game faces on.  Rookie Nathan Pederson was also thrown out at the plate, trying to score from second on a single, as the A's ran into the first two outs of the game for Amisk.  However, the A's went on to score 15 runs in the first two innings, and put it cruise control from there on.


On the mound, Rosalind went with the pitching by committee assignment to shutdown the Astros.  Ty Herder got the start in game one of the series, while Ryan Yuha and Matt Enright came in relief to eat up innings and get some work after a weekend off for the pitching staff.  Herder went two innings, giving up 1 run on 3 hits and striking out four Astros.  Ryan Yuha was lights out in his 3 innings, firing 6 K's on the scoresheet and while only facing 1 over the minimum.  Yuha's change up was the catalyst for his dominance, keeping the eager Amisk hitters of balance early in the count.  In the 6th and 7th inning, closer Matt Enright continued his impressive streak in his new role, only allowing 1 texas league hit while picking up a rare strikeout for the pitch to contact pitcher.  Enright showed additional depth to his pitching arsenal, using a very slow, high forkball to make a few Amisk batters look like absolute bird watchers at the plate.


Second baseman, Steve Enright had this to say about the game, "There were lots of positives right from the get go.  The boys were really swing it hot, even Ty got in on the hitting.  We were able to get up and it afforded us the opportunity to mix up the lineup.  Ron looked real good at short and Adam was a natural in left field, although he complained about the long job back to the dugout."



Game two goes on Tuesday night at Shornecliffe Lake, the home of the Amisk Astros, at 7PM.  If you're unable to make the road game, make sure you follow the A's twitter account for the live tweeting of the game.  In an unrelated note, do we have a volunteer to live tweet the game?   If nothing else, the trip out east is worth the price of admission for the quality baseball, or the assortment of fancy soft ice cream and hearty Taco-In-A-Bag from the impressive concession!

Zam Zam is back! Rosalind Clinches First Place in BRBL
Jun 27, 2013, 9:39 am

The Athletics travelled to Heisler with first place in the Battle River League on the line, in the final regular season game for the A's. Over the past few season, a healthy rivalry has been forged between the two neighbouring teams. The A's twitter account posted a fun fact prior to the game: Rosalind or Heisler has been in the Provincial 'AA' final 3 of the past 4 years. The latest battle of perennial BRBL contenders would not disappoint.


Rosalind was excited to give Dan Enright the start in the season finale, not only giving the ball to a dependable pitcher, but also a chance to rack up some important innings as work commitments have gotten in the way. Right from warm up, Enright's pitches had more life behind them than his previous outings in the 2013 season. Zam Zam did a great job of keeping his pitches down, highlighted by a filthy change up.  After Dan pitched 4 solid innings, while giving up only 1 earned run on 5 hits.  Tyrel Herder closed out the final three innings, picking up his 4th win of the season.


Offensively, the A's were in tough as the Cardinals sent Cory Martz to the hill; easily one of the premier pitchers, not only in the league, but in all of Alberta. Rosalind was able to capitalize early on a few timely hits, and some aggressive baserunning. Steve Enright lead the way, stealing 2nd and third in the same at-bat. The rest of the A's followed suit, with Adam Enright and Tyrel Herder picking up a couple of stolen bases as well. Nic Ronsko continued the aggressive baserunning, not only for the pinch hit, 2 RBI double, but for taking 3rd on the throw to the plate. The at-bat of the night goes to Matt Enright, for his excuse me check swing single that just landed fair over 1st base, scoring 2 important runs early in the game.


On the defensive side of the game, the A's were hit and miss. Catcher Sheldon Pederson was fortunate to throw out two Cardinal stolen base attempts early in the game, limiting a Heisler rally early in the game. Steve Enright also made a terrific heads up play on a 1st and 3rd stolen base attempt, cutting off the throw and gunning down the runner at home. On the opposite side of the ledger, a few outfielders errors looked to be haunting as the Athletics 5-0 lead seemed to evaporate on a few unfortunate plays. However, late in the game, the traditional A's defence prevailed as Tyrel Herder and Matt Enright both ranged deep to make running catches in the gap.


Here's what starter Dan Enright had to say about the game and his appearance, "I was pleased to see more life on my fastball compared to my other starts this season. A few small adjustments to my mechanics surprisingly made a big difference. In the game, a few untimely walks and uncharacteristic errors in the outfield gave Heisler bats life and momentum. Luckily, the we pounced on a few similar Heisler errors. It's reassuring to have Ty to come in and shut the door and preserve a big win. A shoutout to the rook (Brayden Benson) for an excellent bunt, and a tip of the cap to Nic Ronsko on his clutch pinch hit liner over short that really broke the game open in the 7th for us. That's why he's our MVP! What a beauty!!"



It was an important game for the A's, especially to get another win against Heisler, as those have been hard to come by the last two seasons. Rosalind will be hosting game one of the playoffs against either Amisk or Lougheed, starting next Thursday.  Fans make sure to check the website and team twitter account (@RosalindSports) for all the playoff times and dates.


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